Scenario Game Board   Points, Special Players and Gear

Team 1 must bring their flag to any of the previously selected bases on the field, and have the flag there for a complete time of 45 minutes in order to obtain 100 points.

Team 2 is trying to capture team 1’s flag and bring it back to their base.

If team 1 completes the 45 minutes, they will receive 100 points and spawn out of the base if team two destroys the spawn bunker with a  satchel, rocket or grenade or tech guy, team 1 may not spawn at that base anymore until they retake the base with their flag for 45 minutes.

Once the objective is taken, team 1 may bring their flag back to their base. If team 2 captures their flag and team one recovers it, they must start the 45 minutes over again to receive the hundred points.